Len Tran has been training with Sensei Kirk Dombrowski, Godan, 5th degree, in New York City, since 1994. After a vigorous training for more than six years, 1994-2000, with Sensei Dombrowski, Sensei Tran moved to Virginia and continued practicing Shorin-Ryu. Sensei Tran also trained with Shorin-Ryu Karate of U.S.A organization founded by Master Ansei Eushiro. He trained with them for almost two years until decided to open up a dojo in Alexandria, Virginia at the request of his students. Currently, Sensei Tran has at least 25 serious students and the class is growing each semester. The students of Alexandria are regularly training with Sensei Dombrowki's dojo at least once every two months in New York City. During 2006, Len was very honored to have met Sensei Katsuhiko Shinzato, who resides in Yonabaru, Okinawa. Under the instruction of Sensei Shinzato, Len has been very diligent with his koshi training and he is continuing to seek Sensei's instruction on a continuous basis.In addition to Shorin-Ryu, Sensei Tran also has a black belt in HAPKIDO, the art of self defense, under 3rd Degree Blackbelt, Ralph Ianucelli. Sensei Tran teaches both Karate and Hapkido in class. This gives the students an opportunity to not just punch their opponent, but also to utilize joint locks as other means of damage. Combining the art of koshi and hapkido, one can damage the opponent regardless of their size or shape.

Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Felix Hernandez had trained Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu, under the guidance of sensei Sergio Aranda in Miami, Florida. He has over 10 years experience in martial arts including Northern and Southern Styles of Kung Fu. Felix has been very active with the Alexandria dojo and his presence always make the class enjoyable. Felix began his koshi training in 2005 and currently he is qualified to teach the concept of koshi to others. Felix recently achieved his Yondan and his expertise and understanding of karatedo is always valuable to our dojo.

In addition to training with the Alexandria, Virginia dojo, Felix is also assisting other students in Miami, Florida to understand the concept of koshi training on a monthly basis.

Huy Ho joined the dojo in April 2006 under the instruction of sensei Len Tran. He has been impressed with the koshi training and dedicated himself to learning the physical aspect as well as the psychological aspect of karate-do. Huy has trained himself how to punch effortlessly with the same power as an aggressive punch, while maintaining good body posture and conserving energy for additional consecutive moves. He is currently a Sandan and training with other blackbelts as well as instructing lower ranks to improve his teaching skills. Huy is learning both the Bo and Sai katas to complement with his empty hand katas.Prior to training shorin ryu, Huy had trained in taekwondo. The understanding of both kicking and empty hand have made Huy closer to becoming a true martial artist.